Megumi Nakanishi’s work was born out of a desire to create a product that feels pure and authentic. Her products are crafted in France, using high quality materials from Japan and Europe. Many of her garments are made from organic fabrics specifically designed for consumers with sensitive skin. Each collection has a story which connects to the season and this is reflected in the details, fabrics, colours, volumes and composition. The unique expressions, adornments and contemporary minimalist aesthetic form cloths that walk a fine line between Japanese modernism and the elegance of Parisian chic.

Designer Megumi Nakanishi was born in Japan in 1981. She studied Fashion Design at the Bunka Fashion college in Japan, and at the Brighton City College in the UK. After her studies she was trained in Paris and London and worked for Damir Doma, Cerruti 1881 and Ghrani Stroke. In 2009 she received a prize for young designers by Atelier Chardon Savard Paris. She lives and works in Paris. She started her own label, Megumi Nakanishi, in 2010.