Bisous Magazine – spring 2017
Styling: Irina Dzhus
Photography: Jude Fotografy
MUAH: Linda Ben




The Secret Garden – Jute Magazine

Photographer – Camille Richez
Stylist – Tara Ziegfeld
Models – Irena @ New Madison and Emma Houvenagel @ Mademoiselle
MUA – Lamia Bernad
Hair – Yumiko Hikage

Jute Magazine

NEW STORY ONLINE / get him special men
Photographe : Maxime de Bollivier
MUA :Camille Lutz Mua
Stylisme & story : Mateo Plex Mrg
Camille De B
Story & DA : Mathieu Hassan
video backstage : @ambroisedietrichop
Production : Marion Hassan


press coalshade

Contributor Magazine

All clothing by Megumi Nakanishi and shoes by Damir Doma. Photography by Koby Boafo, hair by Takayuki Nukui, grooming by Kristen Gonzales and modeling by Connor McLain@Rock Men. Special thanks to Damir Doma, Stan@Rock Men and Jon at 10AM.


Bisous Magazine, spring 2017
Styling: Irina Dzhus
Photography: Jude Fotografy
MUAH: Linda Ben